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We are Bright: a new look and a new era for our design agency

June 2022

Written by Paul, Creative Director at Bright

We are very excited to introduce our new brand identity.

Behind this rebrand is an extensive process that completes a year-long transition for our design agency. A few years back we took a leap of faith and decided we would no longer take on commercially-focused projects and would work exclusively with government agencies, NGO’s, nonprofits and charities. It was a direction that formed naturally after a few years of building a reputation for producing quality work with clients in these sectors and we haven’t looked back.

As a team we are quick to own the fact that we love what we do and that we believe it shows in the work we produce for our clients. As we adopted this new direction though, our creative skills, strategic thinking, client relationships and project management were challenged for the better. We found a new level of passion for our work because of the difference being made in the lives of others. We found that what we did had purpose on a greater level, and that whilst our creative execution was an important and exciting element, it was always a part of something bigger than us and our agency.

We are extremely proud of the long-lasting relationships we have built and continue to build with our clients, from regional not-for-profits to national NGOs, or state and national government agencies to Sydney’s largest university. Finding the balance between focused outcomes and human connection in what we do is crucial. Every project we’ve been a part of has equipped us to lean on the knowledge and skills we’ve gained working across relevant sectors and with organisations that often have similar goals and objectives. Our extensive experience in design and development allows us to position organisations and produce campaigns that build awareness and inspire action.

Our agency is built on the phrase ‘Design with purpose.’ Who we are, what we do and why we do it can be summed up in the two-pronged definition of these three words. It is so much more than a tagline to us – it is the perfect summary of our drive and passion to work with organisations that make a difference.

Whether you’re an existing client we chat to every day, an organisation interested in who we are and what we do, or even someone we haven’t met yet, we’d love to hear your thoughts on our new look. Head over to the Get in touch page and reach out anytime.

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