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The importance of being an LGBTQIA ally and how you can do it through your creative collateral

April 2022

Written by Charlotte Davies, Project Manager at Bright

We all understand the importance of including an LGBTQIA flag on our email signature or a diversity statement on our website but what does it really mean to show your alliance to the community? We’ve explored some of the different ways that you can show your support through your creative collateral outside of just the general tick box items. Check them out below!

  1. Check in with your organisation’s policies and procedures
    Does your org have actual structures in place to really support the LGBTQIA community? Posting on social media is one thing but having foundational practices that prevent things like homophobia, stigma and invisibility in the workplace are essential. Check in with HR, your general manager or ask for your organisation’s policy document to understand what’s in place to support LGBTQIA folks. We recommend checking out ACONs Pride in Diversity employer support program to understand more about what makes a more equal workplace.
  2. Support LGBTQIA services
    Do you need new artwork for your collateral or a person to review content? Seek out local queer artists, designers or copywriters that might like to contribute to your project and ensure they are properly quoted and promoted when you go live or are asked about who you used to make your project awesome.
  3. Use the inclusive LGBTQIA flag across your collateral
    Do a quick google search to ensure that you are using the most up to date LGBTQIA flag on things like your email signature and on your website header/footer.
  4. Better yet, write an inclusive statement and add it alongside the flag!
    Once you have your flag up to date, why not think about writing a short inclusivity statement to accompany it? It’s personal, comes from the heart and really highlights what your organisation believes in.
  5. Have a ‘diversity and inclusion’ area on your website
    Show your organisation’s commitment by including a specific page on your website that details what you do to support the LGBTQIA community both at work and within your community. We love the Diversity and inclusion page that Liberty Domestic and Family Violence Specialist Services (who we’re lucky enough to work with) have included on their website to highlight what they do to support an equal workforce.
  6. Put your pronouns in your signature
    Adding gender pronouns to your company email signature is a great first step to building gender inclusivity in the workplace. It may be simple or a non-event for many cis gendered folks however it can have an incredible impact by signaling to trans and non-binary people that they belong. For more information on adding pronouns to your signature, check out this article from Culture Amp.
  7. Use inclusive language and imagery
    Work through your website and other collateral content and ask yourself, is this LGBTQIA friendly? Make sure forms have options for non-binary folks, use they/them when describing people in general where you don’t know (and shouldn’t assume) their gender and use imagery that captures a whole range of people and relationships.
  8. Show your support on your social media
    Research LGTBQIA days of significance and post a message of support on your organisations social media that demonstrates how it supports and celebrates diversity. The Welcome Here project by ACON has a really handy list of dates you can reference.

We all want to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of who we are or where we come from. Taking steps to support the LGBTQIA community through your creative collateral is a really amazing way to make this diverse group feel at home when they visit your corner of the web or when they’re flicking through one of your organisation’s publications.

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