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The best brands are built on great stories

December 2021

Written by Paul, Creative Director at Bright

We’re slightly obsessed with branding. If brands were cats, we’d be cat-people.

Before we delve any deeper though, we must start by reiterating the fact that a brand is not simply a logo. A logo is a visual element that stands as an emblem for an organisation, product or service. Alone, it is just an image, and nothing more. It may be the visual representation, but it is not the complete brand. It is only one component.

Your brand is everything your organisation stands for. It is a promise your audience believes in, and it is the presentation of that promise. It’s a guarantee of who you are and what benefits you deliver, and it is reinforced every single time people come in contact with any part of your service.

Branding is how the world perceives your organisation and it is the experience that people expect from interacting with you. It encompasses your organisation’s personality and how you connect with your audience. Branding is more about perception than reality, which means part of your brand story isn’t even told by you.

Without a strong brand, you have to build a case for why you deserve people’s attention, every single time.

Your brand is a reflection of what you stand for, so it must align with your values and purpose. If you can think of one good reason why people should engage with your organisation, you have a solid starting point.

Telling your brand story

If you don’t have a story, you are just another organisation. You have no way to differentiate your brand.

Creating a brand story is not simply about standing out and getting noticed, it’s about clearly presenting what makes you unique and dictating your value. It’s about thinking beyond your product or service, striving for the creation of loyalty and generating meaningful bonds with people.

This process isn’t just about telling your story, it’s an opportunity to give your consumers a story to tell.

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